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Focus on optical communication for 30 years
In the early 1990s, the domestic field of optical fiber fusion splicer was blank. At that time, the domestic market was monopolized by imported splicer brands, in order to solve this dilemma, in 1993, the predecessor of Nanjing JILONG -- Kelong Communication Technology Co., LTD was established, which opened the door of independent research and development of domestic fusion machine.   
Over 30 years of research and development, JILONG Communications has developed into a global professional company in optical communication products and solutions.

30 years of manufacturing

solutions professional supplier Optical communication products

We provide complete solutions to help you quickly meet the communication needs of various working conditions.

JILONG Information

Casting a national brand to create a century-old Jilong

Keep up with China's new strategy
and aim at the global 5G trend
100+ Patents technology National high-tech enterprises Participated in the drafting of "GB/T 17570-2019 General Specifications for Optical Fiber Fusion Splicers"
About Us

"30 years of R&D and manufacturing experience" JILONG Communication has been deeply involved in the field of optical communication for 30 years, from scratch, from backward technology to parameters comparable to foreign brands. Today, Jilong Communication is based on the Chinese market, and its products and services radiate to the world. It is contributing China's strength to the development of the global optical communication industry with practical actions...

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    Patented technology

    100 + Note: Data as of 2023

    After 30 years of painstaking research and development, JILONG has successively obtained dozens of core patents of optical fiber fusion splicers, and JILONG Company has accumulated more than 100 + patented technologies
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    120 + partners

    Good brand reputation, excellent product quality, perfect service plan and high-quality after-sales service have enabled JILONG to gain a global 120 + long-term partner
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    Scope of service

    80+ service areas

    Since 2006, when JILONG went abroad, JILONG has formed its headquarters in China, covering more than 80 countries and regions such as North America, South America, Europe and Asia