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Important Notice: Inquiry Instructions for Jilong Communication Anti-counterfeiting System!

Release date 2023-02-07Source: JILONG

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Since the optical fiber fusion splicer of Nanjing Jilong Optical Communication Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Jilong Communication) was put on the market in 1993, through 30 years of research and development and manufacturing technology accumulation, upgrading and innovation, Jilong fusion splicer has excellent splicing performance and satisfactory products. services, favored and recognized by users all over the world.

Jilong Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer

However, it is precisely because of the good brand reputation, high product quality, and large user base that there are counterfeit products on the market that use the Jilong trademark without authorization, especially many counterfeit product parts, which seriously affects the reputation of the Jilong brand and also damages the At the same time, counterfeit and imitated products not only have no quality assurance, but also lack professional technical support and after-sales service, which poses a great safety hazard.

Jilong anti-counterfeiting query system

Adhering to the principle of "sincerely serving customers and putting customers' interests first", Jilong Communication is actively carrying out actions to crack down on counterfeit products. The anti-counterfeiting of related products and parts of optical fiber fusion splicer has been optimized and upgraded to realize "one item, one code". At the same time, every genuine Jilong product has a corresponding SN code.

Nanjing Jilong anti-counterfeiting system

From August 20, 2022, users who purchase Geelong products through official and regular channels can enter the 16-digit anti-counterfeiting code through the "Jelong Communication" public account to identify whether the purchased product is genuine.

Small "ID card", safe and secure

The anti-counterfeiting query function covers all products and spare parts of Geelong, and users will see the anti-counterfeiting labels shown in the figure below on products of different specifications or on the outer packaging.

Nanjing Jilong anti-counterfeiting query system

The anti-counterfeiting label is designed in blue and white, and the anti-counterfeiting code area is covered with a gray coating, which can effectively ensure the safety of the anti-counterfeiting code; after scratching off all the coating, the 16-digit anti-counterfeiting code can be clearly displayed.

Check the authenticity with one click, rest assured and safe to use
The product anti-counterfeiting query function is realized through the "Jilong Communication" official account, and you can quickly query according to the following steps.
1. Scan the QR code to follow the official account of "Jilong Communication";

Jilong anti-counterfeiting query method

2. Enter the official account and click "Anti-counterfeiting Query" in the lower right corner;

Nanjing Jilong anti-counterfeiting query

3. Click "Security Query" to jump to the query page;

Nanjing Jilong anti-counterfeiting system

4. Scratch off the anti-counterfeiting label coating of the product, obtain the 16-digit anti-counterfeiting code and input it into the query box;

Nanjing Jilong anti-counterfeiting system

5. In order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the anti-counterfeiting code, there will be restrictions on the number of queries for the same product. When the anti-counterfeiting code is not the first query, the following feedback will appear.

Jilong anti-counterfeiting system query

In addition to the first case, users should be vigilant when encountering other feedbacks. If you have any questions, you can call the after-sales service phone: 0552-4045400

In addition to querying through the WeChat official account of " Jilong Communication ", you can also directly call 400-6216-888 for inquiries.

[Reminder] The use of counterfeit and imitated products is very likely to cause various failures and cause unnecessary losses to all customers. In order to avoid this situation, users and friends are requested to purchase Jilong products through official channels.