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Congratulate! The 30-year-old optical fiber fusion splicer "Jilong Communication" was broadcast on CCTV-7

Release date 2023-02-07Source: JILONG

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After more than a month of on-the-spot investigation and visits, "Jilong Communication" has lived up to expectations. With a good corporate image and excellent product quality, it has successfully passed strict screening layers and was listed on CCTV-7 channel for brand exhibition.

30 years old brand of optical fiber fusion splicer

Correspondent, what is your first impression when you mention "Jilong"? Selling optical fiber fusion splicers , fusion splicer manufacturers, Jilong fusion splicers are very useful, Jilong's new OTDR is very good, and can compete with Fujikura... They are all right, but this is only half right. Let's take a look at the wonderful chapters of the 30-year-old domestic optical fiber fusion splicer "Jilong Communication"!

Chapter 1: Historical Development of Geelong
Founding background
In the early 1990s, shortly after China's reform and opening up, the domestic high-tech industry was blank, not to mention the ability to produce optical fiber communication equipment with built-in precision and complex structure - optical fiber fusion splicers, represented by Fujikura and Sumitomo The imported brand has been in the field of optical fiber fusion splicing machines for more than ten years. At that time, the imported brand monopolized the domestic market, and the price was as high as 300,000 yuan. At that time, the per capita annual income of our country was only a few thousand yuan. Think about it, is it terrible?

Optical fiber fusion splicer manufacturers

break the ice
In order to break this "dilemma", someone needs to come out to "break the ice". For this reason, the founding team of Jilong embarked on the road of independent research and development of optical fiber fusion splicing machines. The machine KL-100 has taken a key step in the development of domestic fusion splicers from scratch; the arrival of KL-100 has opened the door to independent research and development of domestic fusion splicers and laid the foundation for the next research and development of domestic fusion splicers. KL- The 100 fusion splicer is also known as the domestic first-generation fusion splicer. In 1996, Nanjing Jilong Company was formally established. In the same year, it launched a new machine, the KL-160 fusion splicer, which indicated that we had completely broken the monopoly of foreign fusion splicing technology, and domestic optical fiber fusion splicers began to usher in the "spring" of development.

Domestic first-generation optical fiber fusion splicer

1993, 1996...
In 2005, branches and offices in Beijing, Shanghai and other places were established one after another;
In 2008, the year of the Olympic Games, Jilong products were exported to Europe, North America and other countries;
In 2012, the construction of Jilong Industrial Park was completed, covering an area of 21 mu;
In 2015, it took the lead to become a listed company in the domestic welding machine field;
In 2020, Jilong successfully transformed and formed four major product lines including optical fiber fusion splicing and measuring instruments.
Today, Jilong has formed a cross-regional business structure in which Nanjing is the management headquarters, Shanghai is the R&D center, and Bengbu is the production base. Its independent R&D and production capabilities are the first among its domestic counterparts.

Jilong 30 years of R & D and manufacturing experience
A 30-year-old brand in Geelong

Now, Jilong's sales and service network is all over the country, East China, South China, North China... Not only that, Jilong's overseas branches have also been established successively, Argentina and Brazil in South America, Kenya in Africa, Pakistan in South Asia... and some are under construction, I believe In the near future, Jilong overseas branches will spread across all continents to provide better products and services for users in various regions.
Chapter Two: Talents, Patents, Honors

Talent is the first competitiveness of enterprise development. Jilong Company attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents. It has more than 150 employees worldwide, and the research and development team accounts for a quarter of them. There are also several engineers with high professional titles; Graduates, talent reserves have been incorporated into the company's strategic planning.
Focusing on optical communication for 30 years, Jilong has obtained more than 155 patents, ranking first in the industry. In particular, several core invention patents held by Jilong have been used by many brands so far. It is the open sharing of Jilong's many invention patents and utility model patents that enables the rapid rise of domestic optical fiber fusion splicers, and domestic fusion splicer brands have sprung up like mushrooms.

30 years old brand of optical fiber fusion splicer
As a big brother in the industry, Geelong's responsibilities and responsibilities are far more than these. With the advancement of science and technology, technological innovation, and the continuous emergence of domestic fusion splicer brands, the old national standards for optical fiber fusion splicers have long been inapplicable. For this reason, Jilong took the lead in advocating and participating in the drafting of the new national standard for optical fiber fusion splicing machines.

New national standard for domestic optical fiber fusion splicers

Along the way, the honors that Jilong has won are admirable. For many years, it has won the honor of "Outstanding Contribution Enterprise" at the municipal level and the honor of "National High-tech Enterprise". "JILONG" has been recognized as a famous trademark in Jiangsu Province. ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system, Jilong products have passed the EU CE safety certification...

30 years old manufacturer of optical fiber fusion splicer
Chapter Three: Product Iterative Update

"30 years of R&D and manufacturing experience" is the best testimony of Jilong's focus on optical communication for 30 years. Adhering to the original intention, this is Jilong's solemn promise to every user. Unknowingly, the research and development of Jilong fiber optic fusion splicer has quietly developed to the eighth generation, from the first generation KL-100 in 1993, the second generation KL-150 in 1994, the third generation KL-160 in 1999, and the second generation in 2006 The fourth generation of KL-260, the fifth generation of KL-300T in 2009... and now, the eighth generation of 280E and 500E in 2022, each generation has left deep memories for countless communicators.
---Jielong 1-8 generation fiber optic fusion splicer video see Jilong Communication Public Account---
Jilong eighth generation welding machine manufacturer
Chapter 4: Appeared on CCTV CCTV-7

The slogan for Jilong Communication is as follows:
"Specialized in communication", Jilong Company has been focusing on the optical communication industry for 30 years, overcoming obstacles, and doing its best to promote the development of domestic fusion splicers. Pioneer, its struggle history is the development history of domestic welding machines.
"Ingenuity and quality", Jilong people fully demonstrate the craftsman spirit of a great country. From project approval, design... to final factory inspection, Jilong people carefully control every link with an attitude of excellence. Today, among the domestic brand machines, Geelong's market share and cumulative sales are at the top.
"Wonderful Jilong" is the best affirmation and encouragement for Jilong's 30 years of silent perseverance, 30 years of riding the wind and waves, and 30 years of honor...
---See the official account of Jilong Communications for the CCTV show video ---

Jilong Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer

Thirty years are in the blink of an eye, but for the Jilong brand, thirty years are full of difficulties and challenges, as well as joy and applause after success. Since 1993, Jilong has successively developed and launched various types of optical fiber fusion splicers, and the cost of products has been continuously reduced. "You may not have bought Jilong optical fiber fusion splicers , but you must have enjoyed the benefits that Jilong brings to you." If there is no Jilong If the price of imported fusion splicers is lowered, the price of fusion splicers is still ridiculously expensive.

As a national high-tech enterprise, Jilong Company has developed and formed four major product lines of "optical fiber fusion splicing, measuring instruments, ODN transmission, and communication cables". Jilong Communications has not only made great contributions to the construction of domestic fiber-to-copper, fiber-to-the-home, and 4G and 5G networks, but is also providing optical communication products and solutions to global users to help the development of the global optical communication industry.